Small businesses are positioned for the perfect data storm: more data, at more value, with more risk. Small businesses are creating more data than ever, the value of their data is increasing, and there are more risks of losing the data.

Their need for a robust backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution has grown in importance—and they can no longer relyon over-simplified backup solutions to protect their data and
keep their businesses running. A challenge, however, is in having fewer resources to manage and protect their data.
In fact, small businesses are often more at risk than their large enterprise counterparts and have distinctive challenges.

They are:
• Limited financial resources
• Limited IT resources
• Limited and inadequate solutions designed for small businesses

We believe that every business, of any size, is entitled to a robust solution to back up their critical business data. With small business’ limited people and financial resources, the most effective way for them to implement a BDR and business continuity solution is via a managed service provider (MSP).

As a small business you cannot afford downtime – yet you require a business continuity solution that fits your IT infrastructure and budget requirements in a robust, yet easy to use solution.

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